Meet our partner Georges Dakonsa, founder of Kinyange House and learn about their vision.

My name is Georges Dakonsa.  I come from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  I have five kids; four boys and one girl.  I have an extensive background in diverse fields, and have skills in effectively communicating in several languages, mobilizing communities, creating sustainable systems for data management, and designing mechanisms for access to information.My passion for social justice landed me here in the United States of America from Africa.  My vision was born from literal blood, sweat and tears from helping people in my Country. My journey has formed KINYANGE HOUSE.  I started in Africa as a Case Manager by being a resource and educating on employment, housing, green cards and citizenship, legal advise for asylum seekers, as well as providing financial assistance. Our mission is to provide social services to assist Congolese immigrants with transitioning to the United States by equipping them with tools and resources for employment, housing, citizenship & green cards and financial assistance. Our vision is to bring hope to Congolese immigrants nationally by providing tools and resources for a successful life in America.

Kinyange House will assist and serve one hundred people in the Iowa Corridor community.  The individuals in the program will be able to get housing, financial assistance, ESL and GED services. Their amazing team is committed to helping others. They take their convictions and turn them into action.

Check out for more information and be sure to say hi to Georges when you see him at the center!

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